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Involved in every stage.

Facade consultancy experts

We are an independent consultancy firm and we focus purely on facades.
IBS provides consultancy support on anything to do with facades and roofs, from technical designs to damage investigations. Our job starts where others end.

We have contributed to the creation of many beautiful and striking facades, both nationally and internationally. So many buildings, that we can create an “IBS skyline”. We don’t mind admitting that we’re rather proud of our achievements.
Our clients include property owners and developers, corporate investors, contractors, facade builders, architects and judicial authorities. We always make sure we give that little bit extra so our clients get the service they deserve.

Are you looking for a consultant to help you get the best possible quality out of your facade? A firm that can help you prevent or solve facade problems and reduce the cost of failure? We are just the people you are looking for.

IBS can offer you a full range of expertise, all in-house, behind our own facade and under our own roof.

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