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Facade technology


More than just a pretty face

The facade system, which includes window and door frames, cladding and curtain walls (single or double), to a large extent determines a building’s technical performance and of course, its cost. Our experts know all the ins and outs of facade technology. It’s what they do, and they do it with a passion.

In the construction industry, designs often use project-specific facades. In many cases, these are created by expanding or adapting an existing standard system. Sometimes a client wishes to develop an entirely new framing or facade system. IBS has the know-how to support this process from start to finish, from the initial stages through to design, development, research, engineering, prototyping and finally, testing.

    Our expertise includes:

  • General facade technology (selection of materials, fastenings, sealing, assembly, joint details, surface treatment);
  • Air permeability and watertightness (airtight construction, both research and detail design);
  • Facade and roof development and detail design concepts (metal, synthetic, glass, composite, masonry, concrete and wood);
  • Preparation and development of technical specifications;
  • Facade and roof structure costing;
  • Durability (maintenance, cleaning, corrosion);
  • Facade tests (water penetration, noise reduction, draught-proofing, surface finish quality control, damage inspection);
  • Courses and information.

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