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Our Story

The name IBS comes from the initials of Kees Isendoorn, Peter de Boer and Ralph van der Stel, who in 2002 decided to pool their considerable in-depth knowledge of glass and facade technology and set up business as IBS Consultants, of which IBS Special Projects is a subsidiary, specialising in facade technology.

Since then, the trio has expanded into a company of national and international renown. Our draughtsmen and structural engineers have mastered the art of designing and developing facade concepts. Creativity combines with technical know-how to produce amazing concepts within budget.

In addition to the founders, the company includes several others, all of them technical experts with a passion for their field. Two secretaries complete our team, providing administrative and secretarial support. Allow us to introduce our experts:

Kees Isendoorn

Functie: Senior consultant (Management)

Opleiding: Civil Construction

Peter de Boer

Functie: Senior consultant (Management)

Opleiding: Architecture and Building Technology

Ralph van der Stel

Functie: Senior consultant (Management)

Opleiding: Applied physics