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Structural facade calculations

Structural facade calculations

At IBS our experienced engineers, highly skilled in performing structural facade calculations in compliance with European standards (NEN-EN 1990), ensure that our involvement not only results in a safe facade structure, but also in an optimised facade concept.

We perform calculations on:

  • Secondary supporting structures;
  • Facade cladding;
  • Anchoring systems;
  • Frame and curtain wall profiles;
  • Projections (e.g. cantilever roofs);
  • Threaded fastenings.

In addition to structural calculations, another strength of IBS lies in glazing calculations. For more information, please visit our webpages on glass technology and statics.

More information
For more information about structural facade calculations, please contact us by telephone at +31 (0)78 625 0920 or by e-mail at info@ibs-sp.com