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Peter de Boer

Senior consultant (Management)

Mail: p.deboer@ibs-sp.com
Phone: +31 (0)78 62 50 920
Mobile: +31 (0)6 51 04 69 17

After graduating from technical college, where I studied architecture, I completed my formal training at Delft University of Technology as an architectural engineer. Technical college gave me a general architectural grounding, and at Delft TU I focused on facades, a perfect start for my current job as a facade technology consultant.

In 2002, together with my partners, Kees Isendoorn and Ralph van der Stel, I founded IBS Consultants, of which IBS Special Projects is a subsidiary. Our collaboration has resulted in a synergy that maximised our service potential and has made IBS what it is today, an established name.

I use SMART principles when setting targets. I also feel that the personal relationship with a client is relevant, as a good bond and communication help to achieve close collaboration.

I specialise in designing and developing facade concepts. I like the challenge of using creativity in consultation with our highly-trained expert staff and various members of the construction industry to achieve a feasible facade concept. A feasible concept to me is a technically and aesthetically optimised facade that can be built within the set budget.