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Glass calculations


IBS regularly conducts glass calculations based on the Eurocodes (NEN-EN 1990 – Basis of structural design). For the application of glass, it is necessary to validate the occurrance of maximum tensile bending stresses and deflections, as a result of the various loads.

Sample Projects

Some recent projects for which IBS has conducted static calculations of the glass are:

  • Municipal Office + Railway Station – Delft NL
  • Officebuiding Valina – Amsterdam NL
  • Officebuilding Exact – Delft NL
  • Officebuilding European Patent Office –Rijswijk NL

SJ Mepla

Non rectangular geometries can not be calculated using tables or simple formulas; they require the use of finite-element calculation methods.

IBS can offer glass calculations using SJ Mepla; a finite-element computer program for structural glass calculations . With this software package, calculations can be conducted to determine the tensions and deformations in the plate-like structures under different loads. To go more information of SJ Mepla, click here.


Besides glass calculations IBS also performs various other structural calculations of components of the facade construction such as balusters, (frame and / or curtain wall) profiles and aluminum and / or steel plates.

More information

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