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SJ Mepla glass calculations


The simple solution to complex problems

Calculating stresses and deformations in planar structures subjected to varying loads is a standard part of any engineer’s existence. Non rectangular geometries cannot be calculated using tables or simple formulas; they require the use of finite-element calculation methods.

As part of its support, IBS can offer glass calculations using SJ Mepla.
In designs for glass components, the systems and shapes are often repetitive, so the mesh can be limited to standard geometries. Even so, new meshes always need to be created. Calculations on laminated safety glass generally require the use of volume elements.

In most cases the evaluation of the calculation results also follows the same pattern (deformation, stress, proof). Until recently, the results always had to be extracted from the finite-element data.
It is almost impossible to perform calculations on insulating glazing units (2-, 3- of 4-ply) if every planar shape needs to be considered, or if a non-linear geometry model is being used.

The consultants at IBS have found a solution in the form of SJ Mepla, a finite-element computer program for structural glass calculations developed by SJ Software.

Click here to go to the website of SJ Mepla. For more information, send a message to Ralph van der Stel at info@ibsconsultants.nl.

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